About Us

About Mates Away

Mates Away was created in 2023 by a single, 41 year old woman who wanted to see the world. She thought: 

“Wouldn’t it be handy to choose a destination and be able to contact a person who lives there. Someone who could pick me up from the airport, who knows the hotels in my budget that are close to where I want to be. Someone I could go have a beer with and learn the local secrets from. 

How much easier it would be to make my plans and execute them if I had the help of a local. How much more enjoyment I would get to have a companion for some of my experiences…” 

Hence – Mates Away was born. 

With this App, everyone can now experience a location with the savvy of a local. We can find the best Thai restaurant. We can navigate the unfamiliar streets. We can share experiences with like-minded companions. All dictated by our own schedule, needs and desires. 

We can create a deeper, more meaningful, more rewarding travel experience with one efficient, easy-to-use App.  

MISSION : Evolution

The mission of Mates Away is to see the travel experience revolutionised. This App opens up a whole new world of knowledge and possibilities. Mates Away gives a travelling Guest efficient access to a local Host in any destination they choose. Travel becomes safer, easier, more meaningful and more appealing when we can connect with this App.

VISION : Connection

The vision of Mates Away is to enhance the travel experience via the connection of like-minded people. With the ability to connect compatible individuals all over the world, this App encourages us to get out and explore our beautiful, diverse planet. We can begin to experience different cultures from within them, rather than as an outsider. 

VALUES : Respect

Mates Away understands that each person is unique and has personal, unique desires and needs regarding travel. By utilising advanced algorithms to match compatible individuals, this App promotes respect, dignity and harmony within the bonds formed between the Guest and Host. Bringing people together from different parts of the world to share a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences is of the highest value of Mates Away.  

MATES AWAY BELIEVES THAT THE WORLD IS A WONDERFUL PLACE THAT IS EAGERLY WAITING FOR US TO DISCOVER ITS MAGIC AND BEAUTY. Thanks to the conveniences of this modern age, we have more opportunities to do that than ever before. This App provides the link that up until now has been missing. Connection. 

By connecting like-minded individuals on Mates Away, we will no longer be strangers in a foreign land. We will no longer be looking to irrelevant or unhelpful internet searches for information and inspiration. Instead, we will have a link  to a wealth of resources that are personally relevant, efficiently accessible, uniquely meaningful and greatly rewarding.