About Mates Away

Mates Away is currently under development. Ahoy, it is set to sail soon! Once launched this App is designed to connect travellers with the locals of their chosen destination. 

This user-friendly App provides a platform for a Guest to find a Host or Travel Mates Australia. This will ensure that each traveller’s journey can be tailored to suit their unique requirements and desires in a safe, efficient, and rewarding way. Mates Away will enhance the way we experience every place we visit by gaining us access to the local secrets and knowledge held by the people who live there.

With this App, users can easily discover like-minded individuals who share similar interests, travel preferences, and itineraries. Mates Away utilises advanced algorithms and provides personalised matching so that users relate to the most compatible companion.

Mates Away is one of the Best Apps To Find Travel Buddies. It enables a connection to be made between travellers and locals that will benefit them both in many ways. This app delivers a secure, easy, and fun way to meet people before the journey begins. Together, you can discuss and plan the details of the trip, which can often be difficult or just plain hard work!

Mates Away will enhance the overall travel experience by:

Eliminating the challenges and limitations of

  • Solo Travel. 
  • Worn out and heavily populated tourism spots. 
  • Impersonal, unreliable search results found online. 

Optimising the benefit and power of 

  • Local knowledge. 
  • Connection to others. 
  • An accessible, efficient, easy to use App.

Become A Mates Away Host

This App isn’t only designed with the travelling Guest in mind. Mates Away is a hub for the Host also! Do you love where you live? Do you want to be paid to share the sights and secrets of the place you call home?

On Mates Away, Travel Mate can showcase their interests, hobbies, knowledge and hospitality to become a Host. Secure a side hustle income as well as make connections with like-minded people from unlikely places. Hosting is a great way to keep your life open to new experiences within the routine of your everyday life.

Create a profile and lease your local knowledge to the visitors of your town or city. Register today on Mates Away and let your Guest land in the hands of a local.

App Features


This App is designed for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. Simple and fun to use, Mates Away is the foundation for your holiday.


Your personal profile is password protected, ensuring top-tier data security and a hassle-free experience.


Your profile is your own unique creation and is able to evolve as you do. Advanced algorithms ensure compatibility matching with Travel Mates Australia.


Stay connected even when you’re off the grid. Access your profile, messages, and important information offline, ensuring uninterrupted communication and a seamless experience.


See what others are saying and learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you to make the most of your journey.


Access your profile from all of your devices by logging into your personal profile protected by your password to stay connected on the go.


Download Mates Away App

Start exploring together! Download Mates Away once it is live on the stores and unlock unforgettable adventures with like-minded globetrotters. Join the journey!


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