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Connect, Meet And Stay With Local Hosts

Mates Away is a platform that empowers you to enjoy the thrill of a solo trip without the fear of being alone. Our app helps you fulfil your dream of wandering solo by connecting with a local host at your travel destination. Mates Away is the perfect place to find local residents who match your personality and will help you explore the city like a true local. Their insider knowledge and personal touch elevate your journey beyond the ordinary. The companionship of a local by your side on your trip who lives in that country or city can truly elevate your trip experience in a way that any guidebook can’t provide. Using our Solo Travel App to find a local host, solo travellers can ensure that they must have come on the trip alone but never feel isolated during the trip.

Explore The City With Verified Local Experts

Our app aims to eliminate the challenges of solo travel. It is designed to make solo journeys seamless and delightful by connecting you with friendly, in-person mates excited to welcome you to their city. With Mates Away, you’ll find a registered and verified local host who perfectly matches your profile. Choose the host that resonates with you and connect with them through our in-app chat feature to get to know them better. 

Your local host will be your ultimate travel companion, offering invaluable assistance in:  

  • Navigating an unknown city 
  • Arranging transportation 
  • Providing cosy, homelike stays 
  • Overcoming the language barrier 
  • Relishing exotic local dishes, and so much more.

With Mates Away, you just need to book your tickets and pack your bags. Leave the rest to your knowledgeable host, who will take care of your travel plan, accommodation, and even create a list of must-visit destinations.


Travel Together With Your Pet

We understand the struggles of a pet parent finding the perfect place on your trip where you can comfortably live with your pet. On our app, you can find local hosts who adore pets and are thrilled to welcome you and your four-legged friend to their land. With Mates Away, you can seamlessly search for pet-loving hosts in your travel destination, browse their profiles, and connect with them directly. Chat with your host, letting them know that I am planning to Travel With My Pet or Travel With My Dog. They’ll be more than happy to make all the necessary arrangements for you and your furry companion. Your caring host will ensure your pet feels right at home while you cherish memorable adventures. Moreover, you will get all the support you need to provide the best care for your pet throughout your trip.

App Features


This App is designed for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. Simple and fun to use, Mates Away is the foundation for your holiday.


Your personal profile is password protected, ensuring top-tier data security and a hassle-free experience.


Your profile is your own unique creation and is able to evolve as you do. Advanced algorithms ensure compatibility matching with Travel Mates Australia.


Stay connected even when you’re off the grid. Access your profile, messages, and important information offline, ensuring uninterrupted communication and a seamless experience.


See what others are saying and learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you to make the most of your journey.


Access your profile from all of your devices by logging into your personal profile protected by your password to stay connected on the go.

Why Choose Mates Away?


Easy To Access

Our app is built with a user-friendly interface, making it easier for our users to match and connect with their local hosts.


Trusted And Verified Hosts

Mates Away is a reliable local host finder and Solo Travel App that prioritises your safety and satisfaction. You can rest assured that all the hosts or travel buddies registered on our app are registered and verified to provide you with a secure travel experience.


Personalised Matches

Our app connects you with local hosts who perfectly align with your preferences and interests. You can choose a host who shares common hobbies, ensuring a more enjoyable and rewarding trip experience.


Genuine Local Insights

Our app provides you with the opportunity to feel and explore the true essence of your destination with the help of local hosts. They will offer authentic insights, hidden gems, that are often overlooked by conventional travel guides.


Dedicated Support

Our team at Mates Away is always ready to support you. If you face any issues or have inquiries, rest assured that we’re here to provide prompt and reliable assistance.

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