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Travelling to new places and going on trips is always exciting, but proper planning and a wonderful travel companion can truly elevate your experience. Having someone by your side who lives in your travel destination and closely knows the city you are travelling to can be of great help. With Mates Away, this dream becomes a reality. Mates Away is a revolutionary Best App For Trip Planning app that aims to enhance your travelling experience. We believe that the best way to truly experience a place is through the eyes of the locals, and that’s exactly what we offer. Our Travel Planner App will help you find and connect with a local host residing in the city or country to which you are travelling. These enthusiastic companions will be your guiding lights, ensuring your vacation is not only hassle-free but also etched in your heart forever. They possess an intimate understanding of their locale that only a true local would know.

Easily Find Your Compatible Local Host

Finding your perfect host and planning your trip with them through Mates Away is a breeze. Our advanced algorithms will work their magic to ensure you connect with like-minded explorers or locals who can make your trip truly special. Simply input your travel location, preferences, interests, and itineraries, and let our Trip Planner App handle the rest. Whether you’re a solo traveller or seeking like-minded buddies, we ensure you connect with the most compatible travel buddy. With Mates Away, a local host finder and Travel Planner App you won’t be just a tourist; you’ll be part of their family and community. From city tours to culinary delights, you and your host can discuss and plan activities together using our app.


Get a Personalised Trip Planning Experience

Mates Away is the ultimate Travel Planner App to get a personalised and best travel experience. With our app’s unique features, finding and connecting with your local host using our app, one of the Best Travel Planning Apps, is incredibly simple. Our primary aim is to provide you with a customised and authentic travel experience by pairing you with the perfect local host. Your host will be your trusted guide, revealing tourist spots, amazing restaurants, and so much more all over the city. Moreover, you will get to know about their lifestyle, traditions, and stories, making memories that will last a lifetime. By finding a host through Mates Away, you will get the opportunity to stay in a home-like environment far away from home. Relax and cherish every moment, knowing that your host’s expertise ensures a worry-free journey. No more wasting time on generic travel experiences with Mates Away, you’ll relish pure enjoyment shared with your trusted local host.

App Features


This App is designed for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. Simple and fun to use, Mates Away is the foundation for your holiday.


Your personal profile is password protected, ensuring top-tier data security and a hassle-free experience.


Your profile is your own unique creation and is able to evolve as you do. Advanced algorithms ensure compatibility matching with Travel Mates Australia.


Stay connected even when you’re off the grid. Access your profile, messages, and important information offline, ensuring uninterrupted communication and a seamless experience.


See what others are saying and learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you to make the most of your journey.


Access your profile from all of your devices by logging into your personal profile protected by your password to stay connected on the go.

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